Portrait of Carly Carey, Realtor®

Carly Carey


Personally, I may be biased, but I love the sunsets in the North End of Nanaimo. 

Often I am driving up town to Aspen Grove school where our daughter goes to school and I detour to look at the skies and the view over Dover Bay and in Lantzville. 

Later once the sun starts setting, there really isn't a better spot (my opinion) than right down by those crazy stairs everyone hikes up and down (anyone know what they are called?) they are right off of Icarus Drive. 

Anyways, where do you think the prettiest sunsets are in Nanaimo? Would love to hear from you.

Photo was taken from our home in North Jinglepot area, also epic views if you're interested in amazing farm land and beautiful mountain skies.