Are you looking for waterfront properties on mid-Vancouver Island?  As a Vancouver Island real estate agent one of the most common questions I get is,

"Where can I find the best waterfront properties on Vancouver Island?” 

People mean different things when they ask to see waterfront homes, so I’m going to share the different types of waterfront properties we have on Vancouver Island (in particular mid-Vancouver Island) and where you can find them!

What kinds of waterfront properties are there on mid-Vancouver Island?

When it comes to waterfront on the island your choices are oceanfront, lakefront, and riverfront. What I love about central Vancouver Island is all the different options when it comes to ocean front, lakefront and riverfront homes…

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Looking for the best neighborhoods in Nanaimo, British Columbia? As a Vancouver Island real estate agent one of the most common questions I get is, "What is the best neighborhood in Nanaimo?" And the answer is... it depends. 

Carly Carey's Top 5 Neighbourhoods in Nanaimo, British Columbia

All of my favourite neighbourhoods have access to great hiking and most of them have ocean views. I love the outdoors, hiking, trekking down to the river, and spending time at our many lakes. Visiting amazing hidden ocean spots across Vancouver Island and just being outside is what makes living here great! Let's dive in to some of my favourite neighbourhoods and help you choose!

North Jinglepot

Jinglepot is located at the base of Mt. Benson and you…

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Rock formations overlooking the ocean in Lantzville, BC

With its beautiful coastal setting just a short drive from Nanaimo, Lantzville is a highly sought-after spot to invest in waterfront real estate. The small community is perfect for families, couples, and individuals who want a scenic sanctuary right by the water. If you’re considering buying a Lantzville waterfront home, these are some things to take into consideration.

Start Your Search in Lower Lantzville

 Island Highway North runs through the middle of Lantzville, dividing it into two sections: Lower Lantzville in the north and Upper Lantzville in the south. Lower Lantzville fronts the Strait of Georgia and has winding streets that run parallel to the ocean. This is where you will find all of the oceanfront homes in Lantzville. There are a…

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The community of Youbou on Lake Cowichan is a big hit for those who know about it for its close connection to nature and the many things to do throughout the region. 

Despite being one of the largest freshwater lakes on the island, Lake Cowichan is one of the region's best kept secrets, with the entire population of Youbou being only around 1,000 people. 

To celebrate the many things to do in the area, we’ve come up with a list of 4 of the best outdoor activities in the Lake Cowichan area. 

1. Houseboating on Lake Cowichan

There’s no better way to take in the natural beauty of the surrounding area than spending a few days directly in the middle of it. 

There’s nothing more peaceful and refreshing than waking up in the morning surrounded by…

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The lakeside town of Youbou is perfect for anyone looking to live in central Vancouver Island, directly on the banks of Lake Cowichan. 

Yobou real estate has everything from stately manors to nostalgic waterfront cottages to open lots that act as beautiful blank canvases for you to construct your ideal home on. 

But it takes more than beautiful scenery to make an area worth living in. To that end, we'll be taking a look at all the things that make Youbou one of the best places in the province to live.

Youbou History

Youbou has a rich and compelling history dating back to 1913 with the introduction of a sawmill that started the town's logging industry.

That industry kickstarted the economy in Youbou with a successful export trade. The…

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Sunset over beautiful Lake Cowichan

Located on beautiful Cowichan Lake, the town of Lake Cowichan is home to just over 3,000 people who take immense pride in calling this beautiful area of Vancouver Island home. It’s not just the stunning views and incredible Lake Cowichan real estate that draws people here. These are just a few other reasons why locals love living in Lake Cowichan.

Outdoor Living

When you own a waterfront home in Lake Cowichan, you have direct access to one of the largest freshwater lakes on Vancouver Island, which means endless opportunities for fun on the water. Boating, swimming and paddle boarding are popular activities on the lake. In addition, the Lake Cowichan area is a gateway to the West Coast Trail system and the beautiful Pacific Rim National Park…

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Sunset over beautiful Lake Cowichan

The Cowichan Lake area of Vancouver Island is renowned for its spectacular scenery, safe,  friendly communities and incredible luxury homes. When you own Cowichan Lake luxury real estate, you’re not just getting a beautiful home in a pristine setting, you’re also getting access to everything this incredible corner of the island has to offer. These are just a few things to expect when you buy a luxury home on Lake Cowichan.

Sublime Views

Most luxury homes in the Lake Cowichan area sit directly on the shores of the lake or on the banks of the Cowichan River, giving residents sweeping views of the forest and surrounding mountains and forests. Features like floor-to-ceiling windows and wrap-around decks allow you to soak up the scenery from the…

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With the end of winter in sight, now’s the time to start planning weekend activities for things to do in Nanaimo. 

With plenty of beaches and natural, protected parks, Nanaimo residents look forward to spring every year as a time to get back to enjoying the many popular outdoor activities that are popular here. 

To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of 4 popular outdoor activities to do in Nanaimo this spring. 

View from Neck Point Park near Nanaimo real estate

1. Take a stroll through one of Nanaimo’s many parks

Nanaimo is a perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy the many great options for parks and open spaces to explore. 

One amazing option is Bowen Park, situated directly in the heart of Nanaimo. Here, residents can stroll past the many plants bursting with incredible smells…

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The Nanaimo luxury real estate market has been booming in recent years and it’s easy to see why. This coastal city on Vancouver Island has everything a discerning home buyer could want, from gorgeous custom homes on huge lots to spectacular scenery, access to all the amenities you could ask for, and endless opportunities to live an active lifestyle. If you’re considering buying a Nanaimo luxury home, here’s where you’ll find some seriously amazing properties.

Luxury waterfront homes in Nanaimo

North Nanaimo Luxury Homes

If you’re looking for sublime scenery and easy access to all the amenities of the city, North Nanaimo is your spot. This affluent neighborhood has a wide variety of higher end homes with spacious suites, meticulously landscaped gardens and yards, and…

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Discover Nanaimo's Waterfront

Can you imagine anything more blissful than waking up every morning to the sounds of waves crashing carelessly on sandy shores, surrounded by a salty ocean breeze, with views that may leave you feeling like you’re still dreaming?

When you call Nanaimo’s waterfront home, there’s no need for imagination, a charming coastal lifestyle is your reality!

While you certainly will never tire of your beachfront properties scenery, don’t skip out on these four local Nanaimo beaches – you may be equally as entranced with the views.

Blueback Beach

Located in North Nanaimo, discover Blueback Beach, Nanaimo’s best hidden gem!

As you follow a steep set of stairs, a cozy secluded beach awaits you at the bottom. Consider…

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