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Must Love Dogs - We need a real estate assistant!

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Hey there future real estate assistant superstar! 

I’m Carly Carey, and I’m a Realtor® and team leader here in Nanaimo. (And I’m fun!) Let’s start with that :) 

Recently I launched the Carly Carey Real Estate Team and we’ve started hiring agents. My daughter Jayda was the first to join and we’re looking to grow by another 3 or 4 agents. 

Jayda Mclauchlin, Realtor®

(Our newest team member Jayda, and my grand puppy Sophie) 

Let’s start with how it’s going… We’re kicking ass! (And we’re having a LOT of fun).

We are REALLY good at marketing, lead generation, helping clients find homes… all the things.

We’re good at it because we love it. 

But we’re also starting to get busy. 

We have big plans, there is so much to do.  We need some help. 

Our coaches (we have several awesome ones) tell us that the first thing we need to do is hire an assistant. So that’s what we’re going to do. 

But instead of a boring “help wanted” ad, I’m making this post instead.

I’m just going to tell you where we’re at, and if you like what you hear, then reach out. Simple! 

Team structure: (where we're going with this)

Right now there are 3 of us: 2 Realtors® Myself Carly, I focus on luxury listings, Jayda Mclauchlin who is our buyers specialist and my husband Morgan Carey who runs our marketing and is the business end of the team (boring math stuff, spreadsheets, software blah blah blah) 

Strengths and weaknesses: 

Me? My strengths are client care and negotiating. I love spending time with my clients making sure they get exactly what they need. I focus on low volume, high touch. It’s how I roll! Weaknesses, I don’t love all the day-to-day organizational stuff. Love coaching, yes! Client care? awesome! But financials, spreadsheets, calendars? blegh!

I can do it if I have to. But I’ll do anything I can to make someone else (ahem my marketing manager) do all that stuff for me. I can also be a bit indecisive at times. 

Jayda? She’s is a beast when it comes to lead follow-up! She is extremely driven, smart, ambitious and she loves to fight for her clients. She loves to win! The only weakness she has, is that as a newer Realtor®, so she’s not as experienced when it comes to the nitty gritty of editing, contract review, that sort of thing. But that’s why we have a team leader and support from our brokerage. 

Morgan? He’s the marketing guy! He makes sure we have all the leads we could ever need, and with his team at Real Estate Webmasters behind us, we absolutely DOMINATE the internet!

You may have seen REW on Dragons Den season 9 (to this day still the largest deal in Dragons Den history).

Weaknesses? Hah! We’re married! That’s not fair! (let me get my list!) 

Seriously though, he’s been a CEO for a long time, and thus doesn’t always have the patience for individual contributors. Great marketing and tech coach! .... (Not patient!) < But don’t worry, you work for me, not him! I love being patient and supportive so all good! I will also kick his butt if he’s mean to you. 

Why do you want this job? 

I’ll pay you!! Cold hard cash! (just kidding, you’ll get a cheque or direct deposition or something) but I’ll pay you! 

You will learn A LOT! I'm a very experienced realtor®, we have the top coaches in the world, our agents are hired with a mentor mindset and my husband is one of our countries most successful entrepreneurs. 

Flexibility: While we will want some core hours fulfilled (and you need to be available for business hours, not nights, etc), full/part-time is flexible. 

Fun! We do crazy marketing video shoots, we attend fundraisers, and our office environment is super friendly. It’s a work hard play hard situation. 

What do you have to do? 

Lot’s of different things (and it may change day to day) but here’s a list:

Client care stuff: This is THE MOST important thing! 

If myself or one of our agents need help providing amazing support for our clients, that is what you will focus on.

Client Carey task examples: 

  • Making sure paperwork is done
  • Running keys for a showing
  • Printing / delivering open house flyers 
  • Booking inspections or other vendors
  • Getting estimates from contractors

Marketing: Where you will learn the most (and build high-value skills)

What is unique about the Carly Carey Real Estate Team is that we also own Real Estate Webmasters, the world's largest custom marketing and technology company specific to real estate. Because of this we do internet marketing and platform enhancement at a MUCH higher level than any other team on Vancouver Island. 

By taking this job, you will interact with these teams and have the opportunity to observe and contribute to some extremely unique and meaningful projects. Some of which become features that are used by the best teams around the globe 

Some examples of marketing tasks: 

  • Co-ordinating marketing and real estate team for photo / vidoe shoots
  • Processing / Optimizing photos
  • Posting to various social media platforms & Youtube 
  • Doing research for marketing projects (like our new building directory) 
  • Coordinating replies to inbound inquiries
  • Working with press / various marketing partners (such as Luxury Real Estate)
  • Organizing and distributing inbound lead flow from organic and paid lead channels. 

Other assistant duties as required: 

There will certainly be a component of more traditional assistant duties such as:

  • Managing calendars
  • Taking calls / responding to team emails 
  • Following up with local vendors 
  • Picking up things (printing, open house signs, the team meeting lunch order from Delicados)
  • Insert whatever it takes here. 

When it comes to this role and how everyone should approach tasks, we must have no ego! 

Everything is important, and from time to time in real estate, we all do things outside of core competencies or “typical duties”.

If I need to run to grab the lunch order for the team because everyone is busy, or I see the office bathroom is out of toilet paper, I’m taking care of those things. My assistant needs to have that same “get it done” attitude. (And be happy to do it). 

Sound like fun? Want the job? 

Here's how you can contact me: 

Send a resume, make a video - do what you think you should to earn the job. 

Looking forward to speaking soon! 

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