Luxury homes on Vancouver Island are the key to a relaxed, island-paced lifestyle. Whether you're looking to enjoy the waterfront or bask in the serenity of an acreage, you'll find it here. In fact the diverse ecology of the island is what creates such an interesting vista scape for each house.

Keep reading to learn about enjoying the island lifestyle in a luxury home, or browse through the listings below.

Luxury Homes For Sale on Vancouver Island

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Forest homes overlooking waterfront in Vancouver Island

Nanaimo and Vancouver Island Luxury Homes

Vancouver Island luxury homes can be found on any corner of its expansive 12,000 square miles, although a large portion of the homes are concentrated in towns such as Tofino, Victoria, Nanaimo, and Ucluelet. Along the way, houses dot the ocean waters, surround lakes, or sit above tall cliffs. For an inner-city lifestyle, look to the condos and high-rise penthouses in the major cities.

Nanaimo's Luxury Homes

Nanaimo's luxury homes have all the benefits of Vancouver Island living, with a more affordable price tag. The real estate market offers more in terms of space and land compared dollar-to-dollar with Victoria and especially Vancouver, not to mention that you're still just a short ferry ride, float plane soar, or drive away. Luxury homes are commonly found in communities such as Departure Bay and North Jingle Pot.

Living on Vancouver Island

Well known for a relaxed pace and outdoor focus is the island lifestyle. Living on Vancouver Island means all the benefits of island time, as well as moderate weather and year-round breathtaking views. Its unique ecosystem creates a sort of pocket climate for each area, and there's almost always sunshine in one town or another.

Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, ATVing and other outdoor activities are at the heart of most residents' weekend plans, and with weather to suit it, your chances of being snowed in are slim.

So whether you're looking for a luxury vacation home, retirement oasis, or just a change of pace, let us know. REALTOR® Carly Carey would love to help you find the right place.

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